Again this year, we are preparing for our teams to travel to the National TSA Conference, the culmination of the year’s work. We perennially field very competitive teams, and we hope to make our school and Ithaca proud again this year. This conference, as well as other expenses such as materials and national TSA fees, require significant financial support. Team members’ families contribute by far the largest share, and we also are very grateful for support from the Ithaca City School District.

This year, IHSTSA has led various crowdfunding and fundraising programs. Our crowdfunding campaign sourced donations from a variety of generous people and small businesses around the community, and raised over $3,000 from donations from the community alone. These donors have helped our chapter raise tens of thousands of dollars over the years to help subsidize the cost for parents of paying for their children to go to the national conference.

In order to extend our fundraising campaign, IHSTSA decided to pursue a new type of fundraiser with a small community business, Gimme Coffee. Students in IHSTSA work hard to sell bags of coffee and earn significant profits, sometimes earning hundreds of dollars off their trip through fundraising efforts.

One of the proudest moments of this year’s crowdfunding campaign was the creation of our TSA newsletter, which will become a monthly project. This newsletter, formatted by Francesca Chu, included the breakdown of our success at the national conference and notified the reader about our crowdfunding campaign. By having tangible evidence of our work and dedication paying off, this newsletter was immediately a hit and procured many donations.