Technology Student Association

Ithaca High School


IHSTSA won High School Chapter of the Year at the most recent state conference.

Who we are

Aspiring engineers. Aspiring scientists. Students aspiring to technical excellence in pursuit of a better world. IHSTSA members push the envelope when it comes to STEM education in order to better prepare themselves for the future.

What we do

IHSTSA is one of the many chapters that make up the New York State Technology Student Association. For years, IHSTSA has been a standout organization that helps young high school students realize and explore their dreams in STEM. Around 30 students identify as IHSTSA members.

We pride ourselves in being great. For as long as we can remember, IHSTSA has won High School Chapter of the Year at the State Conference. Moreover, almost every single one of our students placed in at least one event at the State Conference. At the National Conference, our success does not stop. Annually, our chapter places in several events and semifinals in two times more.

But we go beyond winning, seeding younger kids’ interest in STEM. Along with another tech club from Ithaca High School, we present at the STEM fairs held several times each year in our school district. Though it’s since sprung a few leaks, our winning pneumatic catapult design always manages to hold great interest.

Of course, IHSTSA is meant to be a fun place for aspiring scientists, engineers, and other STEM-oriented people to grow and have fun.


As some of IHSTSA’s most dedicated members, the chapter’s officers use their insight and experience with event procedures and standards to direct the team to success. The president, vice president, secretary, treasurer and reporter, along with the guiding mentorship from the advisors, combine their expertise and leadership skills to foster IHSTSA’s growing community.

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Each year, there are a few standout event submissions that IHSTSA is especially proud of. This year, the events are SCIVIS and Dragster Design. Learn about and what went into the making of each of these submissions, each of which places first at the New York State TSA conference in March.

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STEM Education

Ithaca High School wouldn’t be nearly as cool as it is without its technology, math, and science departments. Without them, the future scientists and engineers studying here wouldn’t be nearly as capable, and IHSTSA’s students would have an extremely difficult time in any event. Luckily, these departments are quite probably the school’s strongest.

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IHSTSA has raised over $3,500 this year to cover the costs of students’ membership and flying to and attending the TSA national conference. We go beyond bake sales to raise this money, partnering with local businesses and even creating our own crowdfunding campaign.

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Read about our fundraising campaign